Let Go - Revisited

Let Go- Revisited

Concept for Seattle Design Festival Installation

While designing the concept for Let Go, I found there to be a bigger gap in communication than anticipated between what is occurring on the outside of the installation and what is happening on the inside. It is this reason that I created a concept idea for Let Go, in which I would aim to use technology to mimic the actions on the outside of the installation to the user using the inside of the installation.




 In this concept, motion sensors would be tethered to LED Lights on both the inside and outside of the installation. In doing so, movement of users on the outside would be translated into a gradient of color, lighting up the installation on the inside depending on the outside users location in relation to the installation. Through this added piece, users will feel more connected to others Letting Go of their problems while still achieving a sense of privacy when partaking in the installation. 

Light Bar IT 2.png