Jai Sawkar

School: Carnegie Mellon University

Age: 19

Current Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Hometown: Sammamish, WA

#: 925.351.5346


resume // portfolio

Hi, my name is Jai, and I am a rising third-year pursuing both a a Bachelor Art in Architecture & a Bachelors in HCI at Carnegie Mellon University. I fell in love with design at a young age, and I have began to use my higher-level education to foster these interests.

Through my first two years in the school, I have begun to develop my iterative and design process, expand my spatial understanding, and furthering my creativity, both by myself and with my peers.

Leadership is a strong focus in my life starting in high school, and I have done my best to make sure I continue to foster these skills at CMU. I am a former Vice-Chair in Carnegie Mellon Senate, along with a member of the Student Advisory Council for the School of Architecture and the Vice-President of CMU’s Chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students.

Though school does its best to keep us busy, I also am an avid sports fan, and enjoy photography, film, and music.