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Control Redesign


INTERactive Design Studio - Fall semester 2019

As our second project of the studio, each student was assigned a control to redesign; I was assigned a Gas Fireplace. My first step was to understand what a gas fireplace entails and features the control might need. Concurrently, I began initial sketches, drawing out different control types in an effort to determine which controls would incorporate the features best.

Next, I began to rapidly iterate physical models through foamcore and commonly found materials. Initial designs began with two controls: an on/off toggle and a slide control to control flame length. As the iterations progressed, I began to add more buttons to include a timer function, as well as changing the on/off from a toggle to a click button.

INITIAL Sketches & Models

Final design

The final design has three main controls: a Click Power Button, Buttons to set a timer, and a Slide Control to adjust the flameā€™s size. The controls are laid out following a mix of a grid system and a hierarchy, with the point of entry at the top with the power button. Moreover, the feed-forward of the interactive components are coupled with a click in the power button, lights in the timer, and haptic feedback in the slide control.