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Hi, my name is Jai Sawkar, and I am a rising second-year architecture student (B.Arch) at Carnegie Mellon University. I fell in love with architecture and design at a young age, and I have began to use my higher-level education to foster these interests.

Though it was challenging, in my first year, I began to develop my iterative and design process, expand my spatial understanding, along with furthering my creativity, whether it be individually or as a team. 

I have also been interested in student government throughout my educational career, dating back in high-school to at Carnegie Mellon, where I am involved with the Student Body Senate and the Student Advisory Council for the School of Architecture. Along with architecture, my other hobbies include ice hockey, football, photography, and film. 


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Name: Jai Sawkar

School: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA

Major: Architecture

Expected Graduation: 2022

Birthday: 09.22.99

Hometown: Sammamish, WA

jsawkar@andrew.cmu.edu / 925-351-5346